Ago G5 Ceramic Heating Chamber: Uses and Maintenance

The Ago G5 is one of the leading herb vaporizing pens on the market today. With a slim and sleek design, you can bring your vaporizer with you on the go and in a discreet manner.

Ago G5 Ceramic Heating Chamber: Uses and Maintenance

Most of the Ago G5’s components can be replaced by purchasing parts online. The ceramic heating chamber is a one of the most important components and should quickly be replaced when necessary.

What Does the Ago G5 Ceramic Heating Chamber Do?

The Ago G5 ceramic heating chamber has one job: to heat up dry herbs, liquid or wax. The goal is to heat up the material without burning it so it can be properly vaporized and enjoyed by the user. When the ceramic heating chamber becomes damaged or worn, it will need to be replaced. Otherwise, it may produce an unpleasant taste or improperly heat up the herbs.

A ceramic heating chamber will be able to withstand temperatures in excess of 350 degrees. The heating chamber is also compatible with VIVI NOVA, CE4, CE5 and DCT.

Cleaning the Ago G5 Ceramic Heating Chamber

In order to properly maintain your Ago G5 vaporizer, you must perform regular cleanings on all of its components. This includes the ceramic heating chamber. It is important to avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning the component as this can leave behind residues that will create an unpleasant taste.

To make cleaning and maintenance as simple as possible, use a damp cloth to wipe down the chamber. Be sure to allow the chamber to dry completely before using the device again. Many kits also come with a cleaning tool or brush. This can be used to lightly brush away residue and debris in the chamber. Be sure to only use the cleaning tool included in your kit as other brushes may cause damage to the chamber. Guide to Replacing Your Ago G5 Battery Read Here

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CE4 Not Producing Vapor and E-Juice Turning Brown

The CE4 clearomizer produces a smooth flavor and large vapor, but without the proper care, the atomizer can eventually become clogged and cause a number of issues. When the clearomizer stops producing vapor or the liquid begins to change color, it may not necessarily mean that it is time to dispose of the CE4.

Why is the CE4 E-Juice Turning Brown?

It is not uncommon for e-juice to mature over time, which may be the reason why the juice has turned a dark brown or black color. Certain flavors and mixes will cause the liquid to darken as well. The color change may also be a result of old e-juice liquid mixing with new liquid. When refilling the CE4, leftover e-juice that has not been vaporized will remain in the tank and become concentrated over time. These particles can cause the new e-juice to appear darker.

Regardless of the cause, a good cleaning should remedy the problem. Rinse the CE4 under tap water, blow out the excess water and then allow it to dry completely for 24 hours.

Why is the CE4 Clearomizer Not Producing Vapor?

There are a few reasons why the CE4 clearomizer may stop producing vapor. In most cases, this is a clear sign that it is time to dispose of the clearomizer and purchase a new one. The CE4 is disposable and typically lasts between two and three weeks. However, there are some users that are able to get one to two months of use out of their CE4 with careful care and cleaning.

On the other hand, the CE4 might just need a good cleaning. Over time, build-up can accumulate inside the atomizer, which can prevent the device from producing vapor. It may also produce an unpleasant burnt taste. Cleaning the CE4 will eliminate the build-up and allow vapor to be released.

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