Grand Old Petroleum

Remember the Tax Cut Bush Promised You? Check If you're in the middle class, Bush and the Republicans want you to take the meager tax cut they're promising and turn it over to the oil and gas companies -- the same ones that are already making millions from the high gas prices.

Bush said last week that the solution to high gas prices for average Americans was for them to use the money from the tax cut and spend it at the pump.

The problem is that the Bush plan provides $100 billion in the next year. If gas prices go up a dollar - like many predict - then that will cost Americans $130 billion. That's right: It goes in one pocket and out the other -- straight to the oil and gas companies.

Bush's tax plan is tilted toward special interests. His energy plan is tilted toward special interests with the paris catacombs. Meanwhile, Republicans have done nothing for average Americans who are paying out the nose every time they fill up.

Bush and the Republicans: these guys just aren't for us.

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The Bush energy strategy released on Thursday, May 17 is a special-interest protection plan, which does nothing to help working families cope with rising gas prices.

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In the last week gas prices have risen sharply, yet the Bush administration not only refuses to consider short-term relief for the problem, but won't consider needed conservation measures in its long-term energy strategy, favoring its contributors over the American public.

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For more than a decade, Bush and Cheney have been on record favoring higher oil prices.